The Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation supports cross-cultural dialog between Germany, Latin America and Spain on a scientific, political and cultural level.

Our international projects are aimed at examining past authoritarian regimes and conflicts to promote the importance of democratic values and responsibilities, and of human rights.


The exhibition “Niños robados. Gestohlene Kinder. Stolen Children” can be ordered on the website of the Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany.

The exhibition focuses on politically motivated child abduction and its destructive effect on people, families and communities. Life stories of victims from countries such as Argentina, Germany, El Salvador, Canada, the Soviet Union and Spain are presented, each in their historical context. This exhibition, organized by the Federal Foundation and the Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation, sheds light on a dark chapter in world history that is usually marginalized in public perception despite its profound impact. The exhibition is available in German, Spanish and English as a printed poster set in DIN A1 format and as a print file in 85 (W) X 200 (H) centimeter format for your cultural and educational work.

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