Elisabeth Käsemann was assassinated in 1977 by Argentina’s military dictatorship for her political and social involvement.

The foundation supports a scientific and societal examination of governmental human rights abuses and violent conflicts in Germany and the Spanish-speaking world to promote the culture of democracy and the importance of human rights.

The Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation gGmbH is non-partisan and independent.


1. The purpose of the gGmbH is the promotion of
a. science and research, art and culture, education, national education and vocational training including assistance for students,
b. international attitudes, tolerance in all areas of culture and concepts of international understanding,
c. committed citizenship in favor of charitable, benevolent, and church-related purposes.

2. The purpose of the gGmbH is fulfilled both at home and
abroad by
a. seminars, lectures, and conferences,
b. publications,
c. promoting the culture of remembrance and participation in commemoration projects for the purpose of international understanding,
d. promoting international meetings,
e. granting research fellowships, where they correspond to the charter and purposes formulated by same,
f. a range of academic studies and courses.

3. The gGmbH exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes as part of the “tax-privileged purposes” section of the German tax code. The gGmbH does not act to make a profit; it does not pursue primarily commercially viable purposes. The gGmbH’s funds may be used only in line with the purposes of the gGmbH. No persons may benefit from funding which is alien to the purposes of the gGmbH nor is disproportionately high.

4. The gGmbH may acquire funds for the fulfillment of the tax-privileged purpose of another corporation or for the fulfillment of the tax-privileged purpose by a corporation under public law; the acquisition of funds for a corporation with unlimited tax liability under private law requires that the same is tax-privileged.
The gGmbH can donate its funds in part to another, likewise tax-privileged corporation or a corporation under public law for use for tax-privileged purposes.

5. In the event of the dissolution of the gGmbH or the discontinuance of the tax-privileged purposes, the assets shall pass to Amnesty International Sektion Deutschland e. V., who shall use them directly and exclusively for charitable purposes.